Heidi Seifert

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Warning...the internet can be a dangerous place

I think that Web Quest is such a great tool. I had never even heard of it before but just going though some of the different links and looking at the examples made me realize what a great tool it could be. I never really considered the danger or time wasted by just letting students aimlessly and without guidance roam around the internet. Web quest provides so much structure and all the examples I looked at were so fun and creative. Great tools for engaging students and getting them excited about learning!!

Internet safety for students is something that is an increasing concern that teachers must be aware of. There are so many predators or creepy people who can easily harm children because the internet is so anonymous. I child could be under the impression that they are chatting with someone their own age and it could really be someone with very bad intentions. The fact that children are so impressionable makes this all the more threatening and scarier. I had no idea before I went to the Martin Luther King website that was linked from one of the essays, that certain groups can destroy a website and add their own interests onto it, for someone to innocently stumble upon. Search engines are bad for that as well. You type in what you think is really innocent and all of the sudden you have access to all kinds of terrible websites. I think another danger is that the internet is so difficult to monitor. Yes there are parental codes and such but even consider the example of the beer site. By simply changing a birth date a child of any age can access the web page and thus there is really no protection. As teachers we have to be so careful in letting students search the web or even be on the web. That is why web quest is such a great resource. Not because we cannot trust students, but because of the structure of the web, students can innocently stumble upon sites that they have no intention of entering.


At 7:40 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Hi Heidi:
Spectacular! You have created a first-rate blog based on your work with computer technology in education. All activities were completed on time (in fact you were among the first 10 people in a class of 110 to complete all course requirements and clearly meet the course objectives).
Best wishes for your upcoming Practicum in Professional Semester I.


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