Heidi Seifert

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I think that excel could easily be integrated into any grade level of classroom. I have used excel before but I have never really considered how it could be used effectively in a grade one classroom. In reading through the resources I came across a great idea for an activity that would effectively integrate excel into the classroom and enhance the learning and skills being taught. The idea was to use excel in a grade four level class to chart and record the color and number of M&M in a package. The students would have to set up a row for each color and record the number of each color M&M they had. They could then, depending on the level proceed to more complicated excel tasks, such as raw sum, or percentages or averages.
A website that I found that would be a good resource is
http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/. It is another great tutorial for excel. If students were encouraged to go through this or any other of the several excellent tutorials they would, I believe take more responsibility and interest in their learning as it would be more self directed. They would learn skills they could then apply to meaningful activities using excel. Hands on learning usually is very effective.


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