Heidi Seifert

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What I've Learned About Technology Integration in the Classroom

The most important thing I learned from this weeks reading is something from the third article Integration of Technology in the Social Studies Classroom. It made me realize that as common as technology use is becoming, education is not improved by technology, instead, education is improved by teachers who learn and develop creative methods and strategies for using technology in their classroom. I think unfortunately, often this is not the case. Some teachers get so excited or determined to bring a new technology into the classroom that they do not even consider if it is going to be the most effective way to facilitate the learning of their students. I think as it noted in the first article that proper use and understanding of technology by students, teachers, parents and administrators can be helpful and effective in motivating and facilitating students to learn on their own and problem solve by themselves. It is important to add and use technology with effective teaching methods, not to use technology as a teaching method. The benefits of using and adapting technology for special need students to enable their learning to be more effective is also something that is very important and I believe will be increasingly useful. It is important to understand that technology should add to teaching to the other way around. Like the article about training teachers noted, tones of money does not need to be spent on training teachers on every aspect of technology to make integration that much more effective. Rather they just need to learn certain programs or software they can use to add to and enhance their teaching methods. What matters is what is the most effective way to facilitate the learning of students. I learned that that is better to use technology in a simple way to present the most important content then to be concerned with flashy, huge presentations. Technology integration is increasingly beneficial for aspects of the classroom , for example facilitating independent and motivated learning. However, the information and evaluating the way students learn best is far more important that the mere integration of technology for technology sake.


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