Heidi Seifert

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Title of Activity: Adding 2-Digit Whole Numbers

References: A Plus Math. (1998-2005). A Plus Math. Retrieved Sept 28, 2003, from http://www.aplusmath.com/Flashcards/addition.html

Grade Level: 2

Subject: Mathematics

Description of Activity: After presenting a lesson on addition of two-digit whole numbers, the students will gain practice at this skill on the “A Plus’ Website. After accessing the website, the students will able to do electronic flashcards with two- digit addition questions. The electronic flashcards are set up in such a way that is easy for the student to add each column separately. (Add the one’s column and then the ten’s column, like they do on a normal worksheet). The students can use a scrap piece of paper to do the equation if they are unable to do the addition mentally. The student will then type their answer in the space provided under the equation and hit the enter button. Immediately the program will mark the equation, congratulating the student if it is correct and providing the correct answer and the correct way to find the answer, if the student is incorrect. Beside the electronic flash card is a scorecard that keeps track of the number of questions completed and the percent of questions that have been correct. The students can work at their own pace to finish 25 questions before advancing to more difficult questions or going on to another activity.

General Learner Outcomes:
~ The student will be able to apply a variety of addition strategies to whole numbers less than 100.

Specific Learner Outcomes:
~ The student will be able to apply and explain multiple strategies to determine the sums of two –digit numbers, with and without regrouping.

ICT Outcomes: There are several ICT outcomes that can be incorporated into this lesson plan. In addition to the lesson on addition of two digit numbers, another less direct objective would be to encourage students to demonstrate appropriate care of technology equipment. This would be encouraged and enforced during the activity time.

C.6.1.3: Use technology to support and present conclusions
C.7.1.3: Use technology to draw conclusions from organized data
F.2.1.1: Identify technology used in every day life
F.2.1.2: Identify technology being used for a specific purpose
F.3.1.3: Demonstrate appropriate care of technology equipment
F.6.1.1: Perform basic computer skills
P.5.1.2: Access a hyperlinked site
Rational for Computer Integration: I believe that this activity will be very beneficial to the students in helping them practice the skill of addition of two-digit numbers. It is also a great program for allowing them to take advantage of technologies in the class room in aiding with education. The program, A Plus, allows students to work at their own pace, and has a format or set that enables them to visually see and be able to manipulate and add the numbers and equations easily. The instant marking system allows them to get the results of their work immediately and walks them through s step by step process if they get it incorrect. ( Much more than most teachers have time to do with every equation.) This enables them to understand what they did wrong and how to correct it. Thus they basically are able to facilitate their own learning. This program also gives them the opportunity to have results, and learn from those results much faster than traditional work sheet activities. The A Plus program also allows students to learn to use technology in different setting and for different purposes and how to use it appropriately.


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