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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Technology Outcomes and the Integration of Power Point

Specific Technology Outcome being Integrated: P.1.1.1 Compose an original text, in the form of a letter, using word processing software to communicate and display understanding of structure, form and technique
P.6.1.1 The composed message will then be sent through communication technology

Subject: English Language Arts
Grade: 2
Description: The illustrative examples database had a great idea for a specific technology outcome accomplished through studying the career of fire fighting in a grade two language arts class. After a field trip to a fire station, I would have the students compose an original text using a word processing program in the form of a letter. The letter would be written to the fire chief, in response to the student's experience at the fire station. This would integrate the outcome of students using and understanding a word processing software as well as help to facilitate their learning of the proper form and technique in composing a letter. I would then instruct the students on how to send this letter to the fire hall through email. This would help facilitate my second technological outcome or objective,integration of communication technology in the classroom.
PowerPoint could easily and very effectively be integrated into this lesson process. Before the visit to the fire hall I would create a PowerPoint to introduce and familiarize students with the career of fire fighting. I would include information about fire fighters such as uniforms, hazards, lifestyles and job descriptions. I think it would be beneficial to include pictures, and perhaps video footage of firefighting in the PowerPoint. I would also be careful to not use too many pictures at once or too much colour. I learned from one of the PowerPoint links that less is really more in being most effective with the use of PowerPoint. I believe this would give the students a understanding and curiosity of firefighting before the field trip.
After the field trip I would again use several PowerPoint presentations to more specifically help meet the technological outcomes. I would create a PowerPoint highlighting the key steps in writing a letter. I think it would be effective to display idea webs and written brainstorming in the PowerPoint to help illustrate and visually display the pre planning that is involved in any text composition. It would also have brief but detailed slides of the important parts and steps of a proper letter and letter composition using word processing (ie, format of letter, spacing, fonts, size, etc). I would include links on the PowerPoint to websites of some well written letters and thus students could view first hand examples of good quality writing. I would also display poorly written letters on the PowerPoint and to get students actively involved in the lessons, have them determine and explain areas of weakness in those letters. I would also include links to an email account and demonstrate step by step the process of sending the letter they compose via email. I believe that for them students to see the mail process first hand would be far more beneficial than simple explanation. I think through the integration of PowerPoint into the lessons the technological outcome of learning word processing and sending letters through email would be enhanced and would help facilitate greater understanding for the students.


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