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Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005

To put it really simply, I have learned a lot from my first experience with blogging! At first I was quite frustrated because I am not very good with computers or the internet. I do not like the template I selected and now I have no idea how to change it, but I guess it is a learning process and I am doing just that. I also do not really understand the set up of the blog. I feel like my blog looks a lot different from other student blogs I have looked at. I am however, encouraged though that I was able to add pictures and make a posting and it gives me confidence that I will get better at blogging.
When we were first introduced to this course, I felt a little apprehensive. I am not very savvy with computers or technology, but even in this last week in the reading I am beginning to understand how valuable this course is going to be. Integrating technology into the classroom is a huge asset and has so many potential advantages. Take blogging for example. What a great tool for communicating with children, homework or journals, and allowing students a chance to communicate back. I think it is such a great way to give a voice and confidence to students who feel uncomfortable speaking in class or who may not be confident enough to talk as much as others in class. It gives them an opportunity to be heard! I know that even though I have never had a class with a blog, just the advances in email has made my schooling and communication with my professors so much easier. I think blogging would be a great way to keep open communication with parents of students as well, and to have access to other supports like other staff members. Knowing how good I feel now that I have finally succeeded at making a blog makes me think it would bring the same satisfaction to students who work at creating a portfolio of themselves such as this. It think blogging could also be used as a great feedback source, for students, parents and coworkers
I am aware of the caution that needs to be taken when integrating technology into the classroom. Sometimes in society we get so wrapped up in being technical that we overlook the none technical, yet often more effective alternatives that are available. For example, although powerpoint is an effective tool there are times when it is a much better use of time to just write an instruction on a good old fashioned chalk board! I hope to be a teacher who has a grasp on the most current technologies and their advantages in teaching, but I also want to be wise and practical regarding when the appropriate time to use them is.


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